Safe Web for kids

Is your family Safe?

Safe Web is an universal app for ipad and iphone  


Do you know what they browse with your iOS device?

Look at the stats!

  • 12% of Internet sites are of adult content.
  • 25% of all search engines requests are adult content oriented.
  • 34% of Internet users have experienced unwanted exposure to adult content.
  • The average age at which your children first see adult content online is 11 and going down…

Safe Web is a web browser for iPhone and iPad devices. Don’t worry about what your children browse as they will only see what you let them see. Safe Web is a whitelist based Internet browser that only allows navigation to your predefined websites or domains. It creates a sandbox environment where the user can’t leave the bookmarked websites. For example: you can have unlocked but they cannot browse to any search result that is not in the whitelist.

They exist other filtering solutions but they are based on just filtering already known dangerous websites. Don’t trust in this kind of browsers! Hundreds of harmful sites are appearing everyday and that kind of browsers will not filter them until several weeks or months, meanwhile… your children are exposed to them.

With Safe Web it won’t happen again!


Some features


It runs in a safe sandbox where navigation is only allowed to the domains and websites in the whitelist.


Less is more minimalistic design. Simple and easy.


Based on Apple's Webkit engine state-of-the-art technology. Enabled for full gesture navigation.


Easy to setup password protected interface for bookmarks settings. Password recovery funcionality.


Buy it once and use it in all of your iOS devices: iPhones or iPads.


This is how it looks

Add website to the whitelist Only websites in the whitelist can be loaded. Internet web browsing is limited Simple, light and clean design. Remove design and focus on content

Only bookmarked websites in the whitelist can be loaded. It gives total control and security.

Adapted to all sizes of iOS devices, ipad or iphone sizes

Universal app, both for iPhone and iPad.


What others say

“This is total control and safety. All filters fail you. This does not. Enter your beloved URLs and have a friend enter a new (and unknown to you) password. This is not just for kids. It’s for anyone who doesn’t want to mess with messing up their lives. THANK YOU!” — by Majklfive —

“This is the only filter that I have seen which can give complete control to parents. Kids are only allowed to see websites that have been approved by parents. This is so important because kids can get around so many of the other filters that are out there.” — by Qawwali Q —

“Would highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to only visit or allow select websites. It works very well.” — by Stevenboe007 —

“This filter does everything we want it too simply blocks all sites but the ones we approve. Totally satisfied with it.” — by Millerfamily2 —

“I’ve been looking for controlled browsing for a long time! Thank you :)” — by EvanRoberts —

Protect them now!